Day at the Museum

So one of my best friend’s from childhood is in town from Los Angeles for the week and he rang me asking if I wanted to hit up the museum because it’s free on Thursday’s apparently all day at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston (MFAH) and from 3pm-6pm at the Museum of Natural Science. I was having a pretty rough day at work so I thought the museum would be a great place to just chill out for a while.

We met at the Rothko Chapel initially before heading to the Menil for about an hour. Next stop was the Museum of Natural History which I haven’t been to in years. In fact, the last time I went was a random weekend with my parents which I don’t really have a lot of memory of. We got there pretty late and only had about an hour and a half to explore before it closed, but that brief time was awesome. I felt like a kid again as soon as I saw the dinosaur skeletons. It just really blows my mind that these bones and fossils are hundreds of millions of years old. The sheer size of some these creatures is astonishing that I just can’t even imagine what it would have been like and that it really is all science fiction.

We hung out afterwards at Hermann Park just taking in the scenery and atmosphere before finally heading to the MFAH for my very first visit. The sheer size of the museum is insane and I was surprised to learn that the MFAH is one of the largest museums in the US. The paintings below were the ones that really stood out to me.

The first painting is the familiar Nympheas (Water Lilies) by Claude Monet. I always get excited for some reason whenever I see a painting from his Water Lilies series. There is apparently going to be a Monet exhibition later in the year that I must go to!

The second painting is Le Coquelicot (The Corn Poppy) by Kees van Dongen. Not sure really why, but I just find this one very mesmerizing. Perhaps it’s the large, sad eyes. The subject also reminds me of a girl that used to be in my life.

The final painting is by Georgia O’Keeffe painted in 1923. And yes, it does look like a vagina.

But on a serious note, it reminded me of a great scene in the series Breaking Bad when Jesse and Jane have a conversation on life.

Last was #SotoSummer aka Houston Penetrable by Jesรบs Rafael Soto who specialized in kinetic art. I had seen some pictures on social media posted by friends and family and had been wanting to experience it myself in person and I finally got the chance. It really is an amazing sight to behold and impossible to comprehend without actually seeing and walking through it.